Magic Tour Colombia March, 2024

Colombia's all-inclusive package encompasses complete meals, ground and sea

transportation, domestic flights, accommodations, reserve entry tickets,

and the services of local guides.

fadeInDownBigMaximum group size: 8 persons, adhering to the standards established by best practices for National Government, nature photography, birdwatching, and active biosafety protocols.

Colombia boasts the highest number of bird species globally, offering an opportunity to marvel at over 1,932 varieties, including 84 endemics and 193 nearly endemic species. Positioned in the northwest of South America, the country features diverse thermal floors ranging from 200 meters to 5,300 meters above sea level. Environments transition from dry tropical forests to páramo, the distinctive high-elevation grassland that spans from moderately dry to very wet conditions (rainfall approximately 1,000-2,000 mm). Páramo dominates at the edge of tree growth and extends to the limit of plant growth.

This route provides an immersive experience to observe, photograph, and appreciate a blend of stunning landscapes, the melodic sounds of birds and wildlife, and a variety of climates. You'll encounter endemic birds specific to the different states visited.

The tour encompasses the enchanting and romantic Amazon of Colombia, the central western and eastern mountain ranges, highlighting birding in the great Magdalena Valley. Expect to encounter landscapes featuring verdant mountains, cascading waterfalls, rivers, and cloud forests. Additionally, the journey explores the dry forest located in northern Colombia, north of the Andes, and on the floor of the Cauca and Magdalena Valleys.This forest, one of the most vulnerable and threatened ecosystems in Colombia, currently only preserves 8% of its original expanse in the country.

Please be advised that immigration procedures at the airport may require 30 minutes to an hour. If you plan to exchange dollars, it is recommended to do so upon arrival at the airport. While ATMs are readily available and convenient for obtaining Colombian pesos, it's advisable to exchange the majority of your currency at the airport for your convenience, as certain ATMs throughout the country may have limitations.






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