• “Bird and Habitat Guide in Trinidad” "I spent two days with Roger in mid-October - the experience was fabulous. In addition to being great company, Roger shared his in depth knowledge of several Trinidad habitats and the flora/fauna. As a result, we saw 110 different species of birds in our two days, without rush or struggle - all the while savoring the beauty of Trinidad. We lingered on special sightings, saw all three trogons at Asa Wright, and the flocks of ibises and herons at Caroni were breathtaking. Roger knows everyone and every corner. I am looking forward to seeing the other 300+ birds in Trinidad with Roger in the future. Highly recommended. Tad - Visited October 2015."

  • “Awakening” "I've been on several of Avifauna's Tours over the years. I've always been interested in nature and photography. However, I was not aware of how much I was missing until I first went out into the field with Roger. As the title suggests, I was awakened to a world that's actually right in front of your eyes but yet hard to see for the 'muggles' or for those who took the 'blue pill'. (Forgive the Harry Potter and Matrix references). His tours are designed for exactly this. And once you become aware you can never go back. For any level of photographer, whatever gear you have, Roger will show you how to make the best of it. He teaches you to master your gear and "make great photographs" not just take them. The locations you will go to, not limited to his home country, will astound you. It's not just about the location but like an adventure in getting there as well. All rounded fun. You will get focused attention on any issues you are having with making the shot, etc. With years upon years of field experience, he is very knowledgeable about all the species of birds, insects, mammals, etc, that you will encounter. There will always be something new and exciting to see and capture with your camera. I'd definitely recommend his tours for anyone wanting to get out there, learn about the environment and wildlife, master your photography skills and gain an overall great experience. Nick Hassanali - Visited December 2014"

  • “Two days birding in Trinidad” "A fun two days birding with Roger to visit the North Range highlands and the Nariva swamp. He's certainly very knowledgeable on his birds and most enthusiastic. He's also an expert photographer (at times perhaps overly keen!) and anyone who wants to learn how to photograph birds should be in his awe. We were able to find almost all the species that I was looking for, and with relative ease. Robert F. - Visited October 2015"

  • “Excellent private birding tour” "In January 2015 I spent 3 days birdwatching in Trinidad with Roger Neckles, proprietor of Avifauna Tours. I'm an avid birder and I've hired local bird guides around the world from Peru to Australia, and I can honestly say Roger is the very best I've experienced. He has a deep, extensive knowledge of the birds of Trinidad as well as the rest of the native flora and fauna. He was able to help me see most of the native birds including very rare ones. He was able to do this despite the fact that I was recovering from a broken back and was unable to walk down any of the challenging jungle trails...he was very patient and sensitive to my disabilities. He knows all the bird calls and can mimic them thus calling many species into view. He's also a fascinating conversationalist with stories about the local history, politics and traditions. You will never have a boring moment when you are with Roger. He has my very highest recommendation. IrishCream2 - Visited January 2015"

  • "First of all, I want to thank you for an amazing day on Sunday. Patrice and I both enjoyed discovering ‘your world’ and spending time with someone who is so passionate and articulate about his work. I was especially inspired by your idea of ‘bringing order out of chaos’ and I think it would help me to apply that concept that not just to taking photos of nature, but also to dealing with my equipment and the technical aspects of photography."

  • "Roger, I can’t tell you enough how much fun I had yesterday. Loved the doubles, the learning experience and my completely amazing pictures!"

  • "Hey Roger: Thanks for sparing the time today, the girls REALLY appreciated it and so did I. They had no idea you would be so funny and down to earth, being the Roger Neckles, wildlife photographer and author of book (you can’t imagine how in awe Gaby was) so I wanted to introduce you to open the door of possibilities, dreams and imagination of this budding little nature bug. It was like a big adventure for both her and Zoe, and my aim today was to share a treasured moment with the girls who are special to me, especially Zoe. Your photos have aroused such nostalgic passion in me – I long to live in that world you have captured, I could feel it, even taste it.."

  • "Once again, thank you so very much for bringing such meaning to “location, location, location” . You exceeded expectations once more providing a rich environment of exceptional standards which combined with your expert coaching has certainly delivered a tremendous opportunity for all to develop our photography skills. I certainly see the world differently through my viewfinder due to your tutoring, which I really appreciate. I look forward to catching up in a few weeks time, I know this is not the last you will see of me and I will very much be recommending your course to pretty much everyone I know. Thanks for the wonderful experience"

  • "Hi, was only 8 years only when Roger took me on my first workshop with my Daddy. One of the photos that I took on that workshop placed in a local photo competition and I was really happy."

  • "Roger has really taught me much of what I know now as a photographer. He is really helpful on all his tours and takes the time to show you the finer points of photography. Something that I often overlook."

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Roger Neckles

Born in Trinidad and raised and schooled in London, England, Wildlife Photographer/Naturalist Roger Neckles is considered by many to be the Caribbean’s most prominent wildlife photographer. His award-winning works, recognized for their mastery of color, composition and perspective, have graced the pages of numerous international natural history books, magazines and archives, including premier publications such as National Geographic, Natural History, Audubon, Wild Bird, Birding, Birdwatchers Digest, Birders World and Caribbean Beat, to name a few.