March 2015 Photography Group


fadeInDownBigBorn in Trinidad and raised and schooled in London, England, Wildlife Photographer/Naturalist Roger Neckles is considered by many to be the Caribbean’s most prominent wildlife photographer. His award-winning works, recognized for their mastery of color, composition and perspective, have graced the pages of numerous international natural history books, magazines and archives, including premier publications such as National Geographic, Natural History, Audubon, Wild Bird, Birding, Birdwatchers Digest, Birders World and Caribbean Beat, to name a few.
For close to three decades Mr. Neckles has played an invaluable role as an educator, championing the conservation of Trinidad and Tobago’s unique fauna and flora. For over 23 years he has taken the wildlife of Trinidad and Tobago to schools throughout both islands, conducting slide shows free of charge. It is the area of his career that he will tell you brings him the most satisfaction.

He has played a major role in numerous local natural history documentaries, winning the coveted “Green Leaf Award”; for audiovisual work, in recognition of his contribution to environmental conservation and protection. He now spends much of his time designing green projects for the corporate community. On the other side of the camera, Mr. Neckles has been featured in films produced by the BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Today, which have been aired in over 110 countries around the world, showcasing our islands; natural history to over 80 million viewers each time these series are aired.

Mr. Neckles has achieved many pinnacles in his career, which include his current book, co-authored with his close departed friend Richard ffrench, entitled “Birds of Trinidad and Tobago”, released May 2004, plus his solo book, “An Introduction to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago Vol.1”, still in production, and most notably a commission by Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) to create a series of 10 stamps featuring many of Trinidad and Tobago’s rare or threatened native species, which was launched on January 6, 2001. TTPost has since commissioned an additional 18 stamps, all of which he has co-designed or designed himself.

Formally Photographer and Public Affairs Consultant for the Caribbean and Latin America; for the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), his dedication and commitment to conservation and education of the priceless fauna and flora of our planet, is unquestionable. He has travelled to many countries in his capacity as a professional wildlife photographer, championing the cause of conservation and recording the treasures of our planet and degree of human footprints. His plans for the future include more painting, travel and many more natural history books, that includes an interactive primary school series introducing children to their natural history, in an informative, visual style.

Mr. Neckles will be the first to admit that he prefers to be on his side of the camera and shies away from public attention, preferring instead to be of service to his country behind the scenes. This is not always possible as more and more demand for his skills and appearances draw him into the public eye. “I cherish my privacy” says Neckles, “And I would not want to give it up, but I will if I could educate one child or save one animal from the poachers Gun!”.